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Resume Distribution Service:

Resume Distribution Service:

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could use a professional resume writing service to help write your brand new resume and then have the same service distribute your new resume to recruiters who can help you find a job?

Well, now you can with the RedStarResume “Resume Distribution Service”

The way people search for jobs is changing. As an alternative to going online and searching for jobs that may or may not even be live (but still show up on the job boards), resume distribution puts your new resume directly into the hands of people who are actually trying to fill jobs right now.

How does the RedStarResume resume distribution work?

Our resume distribution service distributes your resume in the most effective way possible, saving you time and money. We match your skills and experiences with specialist recruiters who are searching for candidates just like you to fill positions that their clients are advertising.

This is the perfect solution. Rather than you spending all of your time applying for jobs that may or may not be active or live, you will have multiple recruiters searching the job market on your behalf.


A senior accountant with 8 years experience as an auditor with one of the top accounting firms is looking for a new job (and more money) that is still within the accounting industry. With the resume distribution service, the candidate can have their professionally written resume sent directly to accounting recruiters who only specialize in accounting roles and have direct access to clients.

Now you can have the best recruiters all working on your behalf! If a new job becomes available the recruiter can get your new resume in front of the client before the job advertisement even becomes available to your competition.

Contact us today and see how we can get your resume in the hands of the right people.


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