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Alissa, London, UK

I live in the UK and had been out of work since November 2009. Previously I had taught at a high school, teaching music and drama. Unable to find full time work I took a course in Spanish and using RedStarResume they helped me to rewrite my resume and create a cover letter which I had never done before. I am now working as a translator and loving my job. Thank you again!!
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Brian, Dublin, Ireland

My sincere thanks to you for all you have done to assist me in the job process!  I know that in business, praise is important but referrals are also the best indicator of a job well done.  I have several people I will send your way that are in need of your services.  It was a pleasure working with you!
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Daniel, Auckland, NZ

The cover letter you wrote for entry-level Marketing positions is excellent.  You are extremely talented.  I feel confident it will help me change my career.
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Eduardo, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Guys thanks for your tips and help from your free Tips from the Pros. I moved to Australia from Brazil and needed advice with my resume and interviewing tricks. I was asked 10 questions in my interview and every question I had prepared for and felt confident in answering. I was asked at the end of the interview if I had questions for them which again I used your advice and asked questions which were on your list. Two days later I was offered the job!
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Ethan, Boston, USA

You delivered exactly what you promised. After getting no reply from my job application to IBM, I reapplied for the same job. This time I received a phone call saying based on my skills they wanted to meet me for a potential new role coming up which they hadn’t yet advertised for in the development of advanced processes. I have recommended you to my friends who are all in the same field of work as me.
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Joshua, NSW, Australia

You were very attentive and effectively integrated my past experience and skills into my resume. Additionally, you were able to write my resume towards the type of career I was looking for, and able to format the resume to suit my needs. It was only once I began forwarding my resume to job applications that I realised the effectiveness of a professionally written resume. I am excited about my new career and the start of a new life... It all started with the resume.
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Justin, San Diego, USA

Thank you once again for your great work in restructuring my resume. I was extremely pleased with your writing style, layout suggestions and most of all your promptness in providing me with a timely product. In a competitive field such as mine, it is very important to have a powerful, concise and professional resume.
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Karlee, Washington, USA

My resume was outstanding! I was proud to give it to my prospective employer
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Mark, Perth, Australia

Thank you RedStarResume! My family lives in Perth, Australia and the resume you created for my sister's Entry-level Mining analyst position was spot on. Thank you also for advising my fiancé on her Banking resume. She has just recently been appointed Senior Compliance Officer in a major Investment Bank. I want to express my thanks and will forever recommend your services for anyone.
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Suresh, Mumbai, India

The resume and cover letter for my IT position was exceptionally well written and helped me get my job.  Thank you.
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Timothy, NSW, Australia

The resume was targeted and specific to my needs. I decided to follow the advice and rewrite my objective statement which was generic and failed to sell my key skills. As a recent graduate you offer a great price but more importantly you followed through with your promises
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