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Custom-Made Cover Letter

“A great cover letter is the golden key to any job search. Yet despite a glut of advice books and Web sites, an estimated 85 percent of cover letters are so flawed that senders never land an interview.” Joann Lublin - Wall Street Journal


Statistics say that writing a cover letter is even harder than writing a resume. Your cover letter has to say all the right things, and it has to say them quickly. Even more, it needs to persuade the reader to want to get to know you better. If it fails to do this, you’ll have no chance of having your resume reviewed, let alone of getting an interview.

Writing a cover letter is an art form, and the team at RedStarResume has perfected this through years of experience in writing and recruitment. We’ll make sure your resume gets read.

Each Package Includes

  • Customized cover letter written by our team of professional writers
  • Second review by our marketing department to ensure the cover letter is marketed toward the right industry
  • Electronic copy of cover letter in both a word document and PDF format
  • Our 100% guarantee plus unlimited revisions

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