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Who is this site for?

You the job seeker! In order to get a job, you need a professional resume and cover letter to sell yourself to your potential employer. Your resume is a marketing document and needs to be written, formatted and presented in the right way to ensure that you stand out from the competition.
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Why do I need a resume?

Simple - you won’t find a job without one! Every job advertisement will ask you to submit a resume and cover letter. You need to be prepared.
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Why use RedStarResume?

Our experience and knowledge provide an unbeatable service that will undoubtedly land you a job interview. We are also more affordable than competing websites and with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee we will be right by your side the entire journey until you have secured your brand new job.  
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I am moving abroad - Can you help?

Job markets are different all over the world. At RedStarResume you will be matched to a writer who has the experience and knowledge to write for your specific country. Every country has different rules and requirements when it comes to resume presentation (including resume length, format and structure), and RedStarResume will ensure that your resume is 100% correctly written for your new country to give you the edge as soon as you arrive.
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How does this service work?

It’s easy! Look through our site, and choose the option that works best for you. Select your service of choice, fill in your details and you are finsihed. You will automatically be sent our  questionnaire/checklist. Fill out the questionnaire/checklist and email it back to us. It tells us everything we need to know about you in order to write you the best resume and/or cover letter possible. You will be assigned a personal writer who will work with you from beginning to end.
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I am a Senior Professional - Can you help me?

The resume at the Professional/Management and Executive level is tailored specifically for your next role, and is required to highlight your years of professional experience. As important as it is to concentrate on your skills, experience and achievements, we also focus on the non tangible qualities such as your leadership abilities, how you can resolve conflict and your strong interpersonal skills. All the key qualities to make you stand out against the competition
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What service best fits my needs?

It depends on what you’re looking for and when you need it. Check out our Services page to decide! 
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I am still in school. Do I need a resume yet?

You can always benefit from having a resume. A job opportunity can come and go in just a matter of minutes, and you want to be prepared. Many companies have been known to make job offers to students months before they graduate.
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What if I have no work experience?

That’s ok! There are many people in your position who are looking for their first job. In this case, our job is to highlight your skills, knowledge, and education (if applicable). We are extremely experienced in developing these types of resume and making your key competencies stand out to the reader.
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What Other Services Do You Offer?

We offer many different services all related to helping you find a job! Along with our professional resume writing we offer Cover Letter Writing, LinkedIn Profiles, Moving Abroad Services, Selection Criteria. We also have recently written a brand new book titled "Interview Secrets Exposed" - An insiders view on everything you need to nail the job interview.
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Do I need a cover letter?

Absolutely. Any job you apply for will provide the “option” to include a cover letter. If the option is there, it means that you better include one. For many employers, it’s the first step of “weeding out” applications. If you don’t include one, they will delete your application immediately—without even opening your resume. In other words, your application has been rejected before they even read it.
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If I choose to get my resume/cover letter expedited, how long will it take for me to receive it?

You will receive everything within 24 hours from the time you email the questionnaire back to us.
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