Professional Resume Writing Helping Job Seekers Find Jobs Quickly RedStarResume CV writing service

Professional Resume Writing Helping Job Seekers Find Jobs Quickly

Professional Resume Writing Helping Job Seekers Find Jobs Quickly

press_release_VNZ.jpgIn the difficult job search market, job seekers are finding it even more difficult to not only get hired, but to just get called in for an interview. At RedStarResume, the resume and cover letter writing service focuses on giving every job seeker from the student and graduate to the CEO level a leg up on the competition. “Many job seekers have either never written a resume or have not written a resume for many years” says Gavin, the CEO of RedStarResume. “Unfortunately for a vast majority of job seekers they have never written a resume before, so they don’t know the correct structure and format. This is usually the case with most resumes – they’re just not good enough to render an interview. It’s not the job candidates fault – they just don’t have any experience with writing them”

In order to help job seekers find success, Gavin launched RedStarResume. “Since day one we have successfully written hundreds of resumes for candidates across the globe in over 35 different industries. Our system is easy and we aim to make the process as stress free as possible”

Clients are asked to fill out a comprehensive checklist detailing their knowledge, skills, and experience. Once completed, one of the senior writers will work directly with the client to produce the best possible resume and or cover letter. With a passion for providing the best possible customer service, RedStarResume also provides free tips and advice on everything from interviewing to job seeking as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee that includes unlimited rewrites – “Ultimate customer satisfaction”

And what has the response been like? “Our business model is built on customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer is more likely to tell their friends who in turn will tell their friends. Over 70% of our business comes from word of mouth. At the end of the day, our goal is to help our clients lessen their wait times between applying for jobs and actually getting hired. We don’t want their applications to get overlooked – we want them to stand out immediately.”

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