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Recruiting software development and engineering talent. We offer talent management specifically for software experts.

The iteeq Difference

Many recruitment agencies claim to offer exclusive and highly qualified talent; so what makes us any different?

For one thing, we have a targeted talent pool of a mere 1,500 experts. Those experts are exclusively in software engineering and development; we don’t deal with any other specialty field. That small pool size means we keep in touch with every single person on our talent list at least once a month, which means we have a very good picture of exactly who they are, what they’re capable of, and how they can benefit your company in particular.

Our candidates are all put through a rigorous technical test in their field, and we only accept those who have scored over 80%, which guarantees that your candidates will be more than capable: they’ll be among the best in the world. You’ll never have to take the time to interview anyone who isn’t extraordinarily qualified; your only task is to choose the person who fits in with your company.

Speaking of which, we can give you a jump-start on that process too. There’s no substitute for meeting a candidate and immediately thinking “This guy is perfect,” but we work with you to find out what kind of personality meshes best with your current talent and since we know all our candidates personally, we can make sure we only send you people who would fit right in. We also offer a Previsor personality test to give you an on-paper assessment of the way this person thinks, works with others, and solves problems. That means it’s your job to simply find the best match out of a line of excellent fits.

How do we find these candidates? We have a long list of targeted communities that focus on developers and engineers. While we wouldn’t want to give away our full list, Github and Source Forge are good examples of the kind of communities we interact with regularly. We have a major and constant presence in these communities, which means the best candidates know we work hard for them and are most willing to come to us when they’re looking for new opportunities.

We’re also in the process of building one of the most generous referral programs in Australia, which will launch in short order. Naturally we have constant referrals through old-fashioned word-of-mouth and the slightly less old-fashioned world of social media, but we’re looking forward to enhancing those referrals through an incentive program


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