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Live, Work, Study or Holiday in the UK

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks (CB/YB)

Whether you are moving to the UK to live, work, study or for a working holiday, CB/YB understands that you have lots of things to consider. Thatís why they have kept the setting up of your banking in the UK, before you leave home, simple.

Opening a bank account before you leave home means that you can transfer your money to the UK, so that itís all ready for you when you arrive. It also means you have a way to have your salary/wages paid in the UK!

Making it Easy

Their team of migrant and expatriate banking experts can help you set-up your UK bank account, transfer funds into your new account and help you with any banking questions you may have. They are there to help you make the moving of all your finances to the UK as simple as possible.

Once your account has been opened, you will receive a letter containing your account details as well as the name of your dedicated migrant banker who will meet with you when you arrive in the UK. Your dedicated banker will have a working understanding of the unique needs of a newly arrived migrant.

On arrival in the UK your dedicated banker will:

  • Identify you and activate your account so you can access your funds. This is simple, just ensure you meet with your banker within 6 weeks of arriving in the UK and have your passport with you.
  • Have your debit cards ready for you at the meeting.
  • Talk to about any additional banking needs you may have and take you through a comprehensive suite of CB/YBís banking benefits and services and highlight how we might be able to assist you to make the right decisions for your current and future financial position.


Itís easy to apply online at

It takes about 10 minutes and your account is normally opened in two working days.



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