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Thanks Gavin! I like my new resume and cover letter. Please wish me luck finding a new job,

Esra (La Plata, Maryland, USA)


That is brilliant, you are very creative and certainly know all the right words. Can you please write the covering letter as I feel my words will not flow with the rest of the application and after all I want them to turn the page to my resume

Once again thank you very much

Kind Regards

Tracey (Victoria, Australia)

Hi Gavin

The content is excellent; Thank you so much

By the way, I really like your LinkedIn profile. Great job!

Kindest regards

Michelle (NSW Australia)

Thanks very much,

The resume is excellent


Rigoberto (Bogota Columbia)

Dear Gavin,

I looked over the resume and cover letter you developed.  I appreciate your hard work.  

Thanks a lot. 

Kindest Regards,

Paramdeep (Ontario Canada)

Hello Gavin,

I just finished review your work and it looks great. Thanks for everything.

Joseph (Washington, DC)


I wanted to say that you did an excellent job.  I am very satisfied with both, the cover and the resume.

Luis (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Testimonial from a client ...

Just to let you know that I received my revised CV. It looks fantastic and Gavin did it himself. It was in my inbox, both pdf and word doco in 24 hours. 

I already had great content but he sharpened with correct font and size and layout.

Great result.

Cheers mate

Dave (NSW, Australia)

Thanks Gavin, It looks great!

Very very happy! Sent it out today and have an interview for Thursday!

Many Thanks

Steven (New Zealand)

Hi Gavin,

For what it's worth it was your personal touch that swayed me to you over another company I'd been referred to.

Many Thanks

Aaron (Queensland, Australia)

Dear Gavin

Thank you , thank you, thank you. I was thrilled with the resume for Mark, and it was worded so wonderfully.

Very talented person you are.

Anyway, we shall start submitting it and hope that he finds a job soon. It was well worth every cent and in the future when he has more to add, I shall definitely be contacting you again.

Best wishes

Fiona (Singapore)

Dear RedStarResume

Thank you so much, it looks wonderful. I am going to peruse it over the weekend, and I will get back to you should I have any queries or changes. I

am seeing a HR company on Monday too so holding thumbs.

Thank you for your efficiency,

Have a great weekend

Kind regards

Lynn (NSW, Australia)

Thank you very much for both your e mails and apologies for a delay in responding to you on both counts. I went back to work this week after some

vacation and my feet haven't touched the floor yet!!

I am very happy too at my new resume and cover letter, both of which capture really well a lot of my achievements. It is very different to our way of

doing resumes and I understand that so for me it is adjusting to reading a very different style of resume.

I have had a lot of different jobs over the years so you have done extremely well to get it onto three pages for me. Thank you very much indeed!!

Thank you too for adjusting the American spelling I had not actually noticed that you know.

thank you again for all your time and efforts spent on this.

best wishes

Tasmine (Devon, United Kingdom)

Hi Gavin,

Thank you very much! You've done a great job. I'm very happy with it.

Kind Regards,

(NSW, Australia)

Hello Gavin,

Wow, thank you very much for your quick reply, the revised resume and the helpful ebook!

The advice you gave me about the cover letter and migration agencies in Australia is very useful and I really can't thank you enough!

One of the biggest reasons why I decided to choose your CV writing service among others were due to your great blog! I happened to find your blog

articles one day and got an impression that you were a very kindhearted person offering a serious service (I remember especially the article on the

Brazilian woman's episode). I am going to continue to visit your blog from time to time!

Again, thank you for your great help and wish you a great day!

Best regards,

Sofia (Los Angeles, USA)

Hello Gavin,

I appreciate for your support.  Your "Interview EBook" is very useful.

I was very happy to take your class and get many advice and tips for interview and CV.

Again, thank a lot.

Best Regards,

Yoko (Tokyo, Japan Recently arrived in Australia)

Thank you very much for the work you have done, I'm very impressed with the cover letter and resume, I haven't seen that format for a resume before and it looks very profesional, A hugh thank you from me.

Kent (Queensland, Australia)

Thanks so much for my resume.It looks superb.Really does.

Covering letter allows me to tailor individually to each specific job I apply to.Excellent work.

Thanks Again,


Stuart (Queensland, Australia)

Hi, Gavin! How are you?

Sorry for replying so late. i was away during the holidays and just got time to check my email today. Thanks so much for sending me the E-book. I am

very appreciative about it. You are really a good teacher and i enjoyed your class a lot and i am sure other students felt the same way.

Thanks again for your excellent teaching and the book again!

All the best!

Best regards,

Lili (Singapore)

Hi Gavin

I wish to express my personal thanks, and that you have instilled a new confidence in me.  Thus receiving a phonecall today for an Interview on Wednesday at 4pm for the position of Project Officer. I have been told a panel of 3 will Interview me. I am excited!!

Kind Regards

Rhonda (Cairns, Australia)

Hi Gavin,

Thank you for your book. Also I've learnt a lot about the resume and interview process though I have taken lots of interview in China.

appreciate that you have spent so much energy and time in this class and made us everyone enjoy the class very much. Thank you very much indeed

Best regards

Lifeng (China)

Hi Gavin,

Many thanks for the excellent job, I am very happy as well.

I hope this will bring the job I have hoping for.

Thank once again for the good work done.

Sam (Perth, Western Australia )

Hi Gavin,

Thank you very much for the resume and cover letter, I am very satisfied with the results. 

I will be changing my phone number because once I am in Australia I will be buying a new mobile.

Thank you again for all your help Gavin and let me know if it is possible to send my resume to your contacts once I arrive in Australia

Best Regards,

Jorge (Jalisco, mexico)

Thank you Gavin

This is certainly much easier to read, and presents Lianne as a much more competent person than her previous resumes. 

Thank you again for your assistance, and your promptness!

Enjoy your day

Kind Regards

Joanne (Career Counselor Australia)

Hello Gavin,

Thanks for the first selection criteria response. It looks good! I'm slowly learning from you 

Look forward to receiving the second response

Many Thanks

Thao (Medical student, University of New South Wales)

Hi Gavin,

I wanted to thank you very much for all your advise it is valued and I am implementing all that you mentioned.

I have compiled a 'standard' CV in prinable format as you suggested and am just working on wording it professionally.

Wish me luck,

Kind regards

Heidi (Cape Town, South Africa)

Hey gavin,

thanks so much im very happy with how it looks!!.. awesome.

I have touched up the dates and order of a few things on the internet version so hopefully u can view it on yours when u push edit online.

Thanks again

Brogan (NSW, Australia)

Hi Gavin,

Thanks a lot for the professional job you have done on my CV and Cover letter. Now, I feel really happy and confident for any job application!

I would like to appreciate for the Ebook you have sent, I am eager to start reading it tonight!

Best wishes!

Amin (Amsterdam, Holland)

Hi Gavin,

Thank to very much, I am completely over the moon with my new resume and cover letter.

Excellent work :-)

Many thanks,

Sheldon(Sydney, Australia)

Thanks Gavin the resume looks great, you have done a wonderful job. I certainly will recommend your service to others.

Thanks again

Dave (Ontario, Canada)

Dear Gavin, 

Thank you very much indeed! Michele's resume is outstanding!

I would also like to thank you for sending us the Interview Tips, and for the e-mail address advice.

I am looking for a job, too, in order to get a sponsorship for a permanent visa, and I am seriously considering the idea of having my resume re-written by you.

For the moment... chapeau!

Kind regards

Michela (Milan, Italy)

Hi Gavin,

I am really impressed with my cover letter and resume.


Kelly (Adelaide, South Australia) 

Dear Gavin, 

I would like to thank you for the resume. I am very very happy with it! There's no doubt that you are a great writer!

I will let you know when I get my Permanent Residency!

Thanks once again

Warm Regards

Michela (Recently arrived in Australia from Italy) 

Hi Gavin 

That looks great thanks im very pleased with the final result makes my homemade one look pretty ordinary. 

Thanks again

Ian (Queensland, Australia)

Hi Gavin

You have made me look way too good :)  Thank you so much.

Lorna (Sydney, Australia)

Dear Gavin,

I have received the Resume and Cover Letter and I am amazed, stunned, agreed with you and 100% satisfied. I really appreciated the time, effort and hard work your writers had put into getting my resume and cover letter done and ready. Although, the Job opening position I was trying for was already filled but I wouldn't stop looking. If I need further help, I will definitely let you know. Again, thank you very much.  


John (North Carolina, USA)

Dear Gavin,

Let me take this opportunity and thank you. I think my new CV looks way more professional than it used to be. The context, structure and the language were enriched and organized in a more practical and easy Manner. I hope now i can start sending the new professional CV to major recruiting companies and hopefully find the right opportunity. Again - many thanks and I will surely contact you again if i need to re-new or update my CV,

Kind Regards,

Nasri (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Hi Gavin,

Absolutely fantastic job, I did't realise how much goes int it, very happy and looks very  professional.

Once again thanks for your time in getting this done so soon, Really appreciate it!

Lee ( Wiltshire, United Kingdom)

Dear Gavin,

Thanks alot. This is the best resume I have ever had and also the cover letter looks great. Thanks also for the EBook.

I will recommend your services to other professionals


Marco (Milan, Italy)

Hi Gavin,

Thank you for my resume, it looks very choicely and professionally done

I'm really happy with it, hopefully my new employer will be as well!


Daniela (Sydney, Australia)

Hi Gavin,

Just wanted to say thank you for the resume and that I am quite impressed with your work. Will definitely recommend your service to my friends.

Kind Regards,

Irina (Sydney, Australia)

Hi Gavin,

I have read through my resume and I am really happy with the result. Thank you very much

Laura (Queensland, Australia)

Thanks so much it looks fantastic and I will be sure to let my friends know about your service.


Linda (Italy)

Hi Gavin

So sorry it took me so long to come back to you! Thanks a lot for the correction and also for the other answers to my questions.

Once again thanks a lot for the great work and from the beginning to the end on I had a very good feeling working with you. I would definitely recommend your services.

Cheers and have a good week,

Michel (Switzerland)

Love the resume. Thankyou for your time and effort.


Mark (Sydney, Australia)

Dear Gavin,

Thank you very much.

I must agree that it is an excellent resume !

This and the interview eBook will help my son in getting a job.


Chrispian (India)

Thank you very much for the quick turnaround of my resume , i am very happy with everything .

Lee (Victoria, Australia)

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