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Are you applying for employment within the Local, State or Federal Government?  Jobs within the public sector are in large demand and in order to stand out from your competition you need to ensure that your new resume is written, formatted and presented in the correct way. Listing your education, qualifications and work experience is no longer good enough to get you an interview. Every resume you send out needs to be targeted towards that specific role. Use keywords to highlight your resume and also ensure that your resume is picked up by software programs. Remember that an experienced hiring manager can spot a generic resume within seconds of opening it. In order to stand out from your competition your skills and achievements need to match the requirements of the employer:

3 Tips to writing an effective Government Resume:

Highlight Achievements and Value Added Information:

Your resume is your marketing document and as such you need to ensure that you market all of your achievements and accomplishments throughout the resume. Don’t worry if you have limited work experience. Employers are more interested that you are the type of person who would be a good fit in their organisation and they can train you up accordingly. Examples of things you can highlight throughout your resume include: Awards, Memberships, Affiliations, Certifications, Publications and Presentations.

Create a Qualifications Profile:

A great way to begin the resume (and show off your skills) is by creating a 2-3 sentence qualifications profile. Rather than an objective statement (telling the reader what type of job you want), focus on creating a powerful profile that highlights your value-added skills and qualifications. A hiring manager is interested in the value-added skills you are able to bring to this particular role as opposed to being told about the type of job you want.

Selection Criteria Writing:

Part of the application for Government Jobs often involves completing a selection criteria and correctly answering the criteria is often an extremely tricky task to do. In order to successfully complete a Selection Criteria the most important aspect is responding exactly to what the employer is looking for.  No matter how good your grades were at university or your previous work experience and skills, if you cannot present them accordingly to meet each selection criterion then it is likely that your resume and cover letter are not even going to be read.

Final Thought: 

In a recent survey of Government hiring managers, results found that only 10% of applicants are chosen for an interview. 31% of applicants were not chosen for an interview because they did not submit a correct application including resume, cover letter and selection criteria.

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What you get with a RedStarResume Resume Package:

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