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The team at RedStarResume have all the secrets, tips and advice to help you in your job pursuit. Whether it's resume writing, interview tips or career guidance, RedStarResume will help you nail the interview and get the job! We have helped hundreds of job seekers with finding their new jobs and ensuring that they get the highest salaries possible. Our dedicated team of career experts share their experiences and knowledge with you.

The most comprehensive FREE job advice on the internet! We have everything you need to help you get a job and get it fast. Guaranteed!


Writing the best possible resume to get you an interview! 

Resume Writing Tips

How Resumes Differ From Country To Country

Instant Resume Killers

Replacing The Objective Statement With A Qualifications Profile On Your Resume

Does Your Resume Pass or Fail?

Resume Writing Tips To Stand Out From The Competition

Rate My Resume

Listing Achievements on Your Resume

The Aim of the Resume

Top 4 Misconceptions About Resume Writing

What Are The Key Ingredients To Preparing A Resume That Will Get You Interviews?

What Does Your Professional CV Say About You?

How Long Will A Hiring Manager Or Recruiter Spend Reading My CV?

Resume Writing Tips to Succeed in a Tight Job Market

Executive Resume Writing

Top 10 Resume Mistakes

Resume Writing Service - The Perfect Job Seekers Gift

Is Your Resume Preventing You From Getting A New Job?

How to Write an Impressive Resume

The Role of the Resume Writer

What is the Most Important Aspect of Targeted Resume Writing

Is Your Resume Being Screened?

Tips on how to get your resume noticed

Education Vs Work Experience on a Resume – What Comes First?

Essential Criteria To Include In Your Resume

Power Resume Words

Power Action Verbs

How Far Back Should Your Resume Go?

Work History – Don’t Trivialize Your Past Experiences!

Your Resume …How important is it?

Including Key Achievements in your Resume

What Spelling and Grammar Check Won’t Pick Up on Your Resume

How to Avoid Spelling and Grammar Mistakes on Your Resume

Writing a Resume with No Content to Include

Listing Hobbies & Interests on Your Resume

5 Typical Resume Writing Mistakes

Writing A Resume

Moving to Australia ... How do Australian Resumes differ from other countries?

Do I really need to use a professional resume writer?

You have only 10 seconds for your resume to shine

Resume Writing for Front Office Bankers

10 Resume Writing Questins to ask a Professional Resume Writer!

Interview With RedStarResume

Begin Your Journey to a Brand New Job

CV Writing

Expert Resume Writing

Is Your Professional Resume an Olympic Gold Medal

Selecting the Right Professional Resume Writer

Including references on your professional resume

Is investing in a Professional Resume Writer a Good Idea?

Resume Writing Mistakes

Is Your Professional Resume Getting You Results?

Resume Secrets Exposed

Australian Resume Writing

Writing A Specialised Marketing Resume

Evil Resume Templates

Using Strategic Resume Keywords

Your Cover Letter

How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter

3 Tips to Cover Letter Writing

Secret Cover Letter Tips

Three Words That Will Kill Your Cover Letter

Top 5 Cover Letter Mistakes

Your Cover Letter is just as important as Your Resume!

Time for the Interview

Job Interview Questions

The Dreaded Job Interview

I cannot get an interview

10 Great Questions To Ask In A Job Interview

How do we know what questions are going to be asked in the job interview?

Interview Question: "What's Your Greatest Weakness"

Preparing for the Job Interview

Top 10 Job Interview Blunders

“Dont Dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want to have”

How to nail the Telephone Interview

Open-Ended and Closed-Ended Interview Questions

Job Interview First Impressions

Employer Interview Questions

Best Tips on How to Get That Pay Raise You Deserve

Job Interview Killers

Tips To Ace The Dreaded Job Interview

Ice Breaking Job Interview Questions

Does the color of your clothing really make a difference when it's time

Secrets on how to take charge of your career in 60 seconds! (YouTube Video)

College is finished and it's time to get a job! (YouTube Video)

Interview Secrets Exposed

Job Interview Tips and Secrets

Questions to ask in the Job Interview - How to nail your job interview

Situational Job Interview Questions

How To Stand Out During The Job Interview

Job Interview Preparation


The Job Search

Switching up your job seeking tactics

Time For A Career Change

The Advantages And Benefits Of Creating A LinkedIn Profile

Why does Nobody Call Me Back For A Job Interview Request

Finding The Right Recruitment Agent

Five Myths About Job Searching

What Does Your Email Address Say about You?

Do I Really Need A LinkedIn Profile

Writing A Gold Medal LinkedIn Profile

Google Can Be Your Best Friend Or Your Worst Enemy When It Comes To Job Searching

6 Tips To Help Organize Your Time While Job Searching

Increase Your Salary And Make More Money

Preparation is Key to Job Searching

Benefits of Using a Job Recruiter To Help With Your Job Searching

Mastering the Job Search Process

Should I Use A Specialist Recruitment Agent To Help Me Find A Job

Finding A Job Without Local Experience

Why Job Seekers Require A Professionally Written Resume 

Find Success With A Keyword Rich LinkedIn Profile

More Numbers Less Words

Staying Busy During The Job Search

Tips On Selecting The Best Job Recruitment Agent

What To Do When You Hate Your Job

Before you ask for a raise…

Why Quality Wins Over Quantity When It Comes To Job Searching

Deciding on a Career In Banking

Listing Salary Requirements

Small company v large corporation – Which is better, which is worse?

Finding a job in tough economic times

When Is The Best Time to Apply For Online Jobs?

How to Make a Career Change

Asking For a Raise? Try to Avoid These Red Flags

10 Tips to staying positive while looking for a job

Job Expectations

Following up after the job Interview

Resume Distribution Service

How A Recruitment Agent Can Help You Find Your Dream Job

Today is the day for a Career Change

Top Twitter Tips for you Job Search

LinkedIn Profile Writing

Tips on How to Get Back Into the Job Market

Finding Job Recruitment Agents Who Specialise In My Industry

How to Get Ahead in the Australian Job Market

Resume Writing for Trade Jobs in Australia or New Zealand

Relocating to Australia

How to Find an Australian Recruiter

Migration Alliance

Top 100 Mining Firms Throughout the World

How to Keep your Job

Tips on Keeping the Job - Maintaining a Professional Image

Positive Body Language Can Help Your Career

Staying in the Managers "Good Books"

Dressing professionally is one step to getting promoted

How to succeed when working from home

The Process of Career Management

Career Secrets Exposed

Students & Graduates

Graduating Soon

What are the hardest challenges facing college graduates

Standing Out From The Crowd

I Am A Graduate Get Me Out Of Here

Resume Writing for Government Jobs

Making Your Internship Count

Researching Information About Careers And Industries

Tips To Avoid Job Searching Burnout

Making The Transition From College Graduate To Job Seeker

Job Searching Tips For Soon To Be College Graduates

Be Careful Of Facebook When You begin Job Seeking

Student And Graduate Resume Writing

Tips On How To Make Your Accounting Resume Stand Out

Graduate Resume Writing

Pimp My Resume

First Steps Of Networking

Building Your Network

What are the best ways for students to spend their summers?

Top 20 Best Summer Jobs

Resume Writing for Banking and Finance Students

Top 10 Winter Jobs for College Students

Graduate HR Resume Writing

Information Technology Resume Writing For Students And Graduates

Resume Writing for Business Students and Graduates

What Skills Did I Learn In College

Career Tips For College Students

How To Make Your Graduate Engineering Resume Stand Out From The Crowd

Ways to boost your resume while you’re still in college

What is a Gap Year

Boutiques v Big Banks - Which is the best bet for your career

Investment Banking Resume Writing

Is Higher Education Right For You

6 Tips To Finding Success At Job Fairs

Resume Writing For Arts And Humanities Students

Do References Belong on the Resume

Top Resources At College Career Centers

Turning The Wrong Degree Into The Right Career

3 Tips For Landing A Student Summer Job

The Best Kept Secret On College Campus

Deciding On The Type Of College Internship To Pursue

5 Ways To Network As A College Student

Tips For Breaking Into A Career

Decision Time For College Graduates

The Elevator Speech Marketing Tool

Why Student Internships Are So Important

Choosing The College Major That Is Right For You

Advice For Students Entering College

In the Press: Professional Resume Writing Helping Job Seekers Find Jobs Quickly

In the Press: Resume Writing Business Launches New Find A Recruiter Job Portal

EBooks: Interview Secrets Exposed

EBooks: Resume Secrets Exposed

EBooks: Career Secrets Exposed

EBooks: The Ultimate Student & Graduate Job Handbook

Get The Right Job! (If you are feeling down about your job spare a thought for these workers!)

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