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Career Tips For College Students


Top 4 Career Tips for College Students

If you do only 4 things for your career while in college, listen to these words of advice. These are easy, simple things you can do in college that can help you make an easier transition from student to job seeker when the time comes. 

Get to know one professor well:  

You can gain a great deal of real world advice from your professors.  Many colleges and universities encourage professors to make time to meet with students outside of class, take advantage.  Professors can lead you to resources and opportunities in the field, not to mention they sometimes take on research assistants over the summer or during the school term.  It’s also helpful if a professor knows you well to provide recommendations and references in the future. 

Find an internship:

Internships are a great way to boost your resume while you’re still in college. Internships also provide a great opportunity for you to determine the type of companies and positions you want to work for in the future.  For many students, internships can provide some of the only directly related work experience to a field of interest and give you an edge once you graduate and apply for jobs.  

Take on at least one campus activity: 

Find a club, professional association or volunteer opportunity on campus or nearby that you can consistently be involved in during your time in college.  Many colleges host events at the beginning of the school year to provide information on clubs and activities for students to get involved in on campus. Find something that interests you or relates to your field of study and get involved.  You could join the Marketing Club or Debate Team on campus, help build houses on the weekends or tutor students at a local elementary school or community organization.  Getting involved in an activity can help you gain experience while you’re still in school and demonstrate commitment and reliability to something outside of your regular courses. 

Visit your career services office:  

Besides providing numerous resources to assist you with career development, internships and job searching, the career services office can help you explore your interests and your options post-graduation.  College is a great place to explore different interests and be exposed to new ideas, subjects and activities.  The career services office is a great place to help you explore fields of study as well as possible career areas that are right for you.  At the very least, visit your career services office and see what they offer. 

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