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I Am A Graduate Get Me Out Of Here

How to Find a Job as a New Graduate:

After finally completing university, you get that exhilarating feeling that your life is about to start.  Year after year of exams and lectures and of course textbooks has finally brought you to this day - the fateful day that you need to get a job.  Considering that the economy is still in recovery mode, job seeking can be an extremely anxious and of course stressful period. With the huge amount of competition by other job seekers who have also recently graduated (with very similar skills and education to yourself) and companies' hiring procedures becoming a much tougher process to conquer, graduates are now realising that finding that dream job is not as easy as expected. However, although it may seem all doom and gloom, there are ways to ensure that you give yourself every opportunity of finding success.

Step 1: Create Your Professional Resume and Cover Letter

Resumes and cover letters are two of the most obvious job seeking credentials required.  This has to be approached in a mature fashion.  The key to resume writing is to identify your previous achievements.  Then target your resume including these achievements directly towards the role you are applying for. Everything that you include in your resume needs to impress the reader.  If your resume reads like a generic one and is full of clichés and non-value added information, the chances of your job application standing out from the competition is greatly reduced.  Before applying for a job you should get your resume proofread by people that you trust who have had experience in the hiring process or by recruitment agents or HR managers (people who understand what a professional resume requires). It may take several revisions but you need it to be perfect. First impressions count and the first impression a reader has about you is through your resume and cover letter.

Step 2: Networking

Whether it be a job fair or an online networking website (LinkedIn as opposed to Facebook!), networking is a crucial part to finding the perfect job.  Ensure that you make yourself available to go to as many job fairs and graduate exhibitions as possible and don’t forget to dress for the occasion. Similarly to the resumes and cover letters, first impressions count so make sure you are dressed appropriately and prepared to shake hands with as many contacts as possible while being prepared to ask questions. Job fairs are an exciting and fun time for graduates because you will get the opportunity to meet potential employers face-to-face. 

Step 3: Represent Yourself as a Professional

When you meet with a potential employer to hand in your cover letter or resume, it is imperative that you represent yourself perfectly.  You need to exude confidence and strength, meanwhile understanding that they are in the position of authority.  In order to represent yourself affectively not only does your attitude have to be strong, you also have to be dressed appropriately for the role you are applying for. There are many different elements to portraying yourself as a professional. From your resume to your clothing ensure that you give yourself the greatest opportunity of finding success.

The final word…

Acquiring a job after graduating is a difficult job in itself and one that requires persistence, perseverance and patience.  With the above steps, your chances of obtaining the dream job are closer than you could ever imagine.

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