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Interview With RedStarResume

The following questions were presented to Gavin by Start a new life in Australia:

Did you know "About 200,000 People Choose to Start a New Life in Australia Each Year"

1: Can you please tell us more about yourself and your background in professional resume writing?

My name is Gavin and I am the founder of RedStarResume. Having graduated with a Commerce Degree I worked in the Banking industry before deciding one day I needed a career change. (Having written my new resume) I had an encounter with a recruitment agent who informed me that a position was open in their recruitment company and required someone with good product knowledge of the banking industry. From that day onwards I have been writing resumes! Working as a recruitment agent I would see on average 100 to 300 resumes a day. It was during this time that I learnt the art of resume writing. Working with many clients from large multinational companies I was able to quickly learn what a hiring manager was looking for in a resume and how best to highlight a persons skills and achievements to ensure that their resume stood out against all the other competition. Many reports say that a hiring manager will spend no more than 15 seconds reading a resume before deciding to either delete the resume or read on. My role is to get the hiring manager to read on!

2: How have you built your expertise and ability to offer good resume writing services?

RedStarResume is completely a customer focused business. Close to 60% of our business comes from word of mouth. We do not spend any money on advertising. We work vert closely with our customers to ensure that every resume we write is completely targeted towards the role that they are applying for. When we start the process of writing a resume we begin with a blank piece of paper. Resume writing is an art form and my team are always speaking to hiring managers and recruiters to stay up-to-date with what they are looking for in a candidate resume.

3: Tell us about the skills of your team?

We have an extremely intelligent team who have international experience having worked in Australia, UK and the United States, in Human Resource Management, Recruitment and Marketing. Our team have further expertise in assisting people who are migrating to Australia and helping them transfer their existing resume to an Australian resume targeting the Australian job market. We have recently written our first book “Interview Secrets Exposed” A fantastic EBook providing all the answers to those tough interview questions.

4: Can you explain your research process when creating a new resume for a client?

As each client is unique we prepare ourselves differently each time. There are many times working with senior executives where we need to gain a greater understanding of their work history, skills and future ambitions. Through working one on one with our candidates we are able to gain a good understanding of our candidate’s expectations and be able to structure a new resume accordingly. Having written resumes for candidates across the globe in over 35 different industries we have a good understanding how to match the goals and desires of our clients to help them land jobs.

5: What does the client receive after they contract your services?

· Customised resume or cover letter written by our team of professional writers

· Second review by our marketing department to ensure the resume/cover letter is marketed toward the right industry

· Electronic copy of resume/cover letter in both a word document and PDF format

· Opportunity to save when you combine your resume with a cover letter

· Our 100% guarantee plus unlimited revisions

· FREE EBOOK! "Interview Secrets Exposed" - An Insiders Guide: Everything you need to know in order to nail the job interview

6: What if a client does not like how you wrote their resume?

RedStarResume is so confident in our results that we guarantee to service and update a client’s resume until they are 100% happy. If the situation arises where a client is unhappy with their resume and wants a new resume than we will have no hesitation in tearing it up and starting again. Typically most resume companies guarantee only one free re-write within a 7 day period, but RedStarResume goes one step further - we offer a free service where you can contact us directly with any questions, queries or requests for revisions until you are completely satisfied with your resume or cover letter.

7: What additional guidance can you offer to candidates?

We have a free “Tips from the Pros” page which has many articles we have written to help a candidate throughout the entire job process. We also work with many recruitment agents and have contacts throughout Australia. Once a candidate has a professionally written resume we will help in getting the new resume into the right hands. If you’re a client looking to migrate to Australia we can also help in this process by putting you in contact with the right people.

8: How do you maintain confidentiality for your clients?

Confidentiality is extremely important for us. We will never under any circumstances discuss or present a clients details with anyone but that client.

9: You have published a book. Did you do research to write it or did your ideas emerge as part of your resume writing practice?

We do have a published book and another one on the way! The book was a compilation of many months of research and discussions with hiring managers and career experts in recruitment, career counselling and interviews. We were also able to include our ideas, experiences and anecdotes throughout the book. 


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