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Staying Busy During The Job Search

foreign_language.jpgIf you suddenly find that you’re finishing your studies or your job is ending before you’ve landed a new one, don’t panic!  Unfortunately nowadays it can take longer to go through the application and interviewing process and successfully secure a position.  It’s important to stay focused in the job search while building your skills in other areas. Below are some tips of activities that can help you build your skills and stay productive while looking for work: 

Learn a new language or brush up on your skills: 

Knowing a second, third or even fourth language is always considered an asset in the job market. While some fields require it more than others, it is typically valued by any employer as you can communicate with particular clients/ customers for the company or organization. 


Find a local community organization that interests you or that you have an interest in and see how you can get involved.  Volunteering will get you out and allow you to give back to the community and gain a different perspective. It’s also good to show employers that you’ve been making use of your time, even if you haven’t been working.  It can also help you meet more professionals in the community you live in.  

Intern with an organization: 

Look for internships with companies or organizations you want to work for, or in a related field.  This will help you gain contacts and get your foot in the door in case any open positions open up within the organization.  Even if the internship doesn’t directly lead to a job with the company, you’ll still learn valuable skills directly in the field which will make you a more competitive candidate for other positions you apply for in the field.  While you might not get paid for the work you do as an intern, the experience you gain will be worthwhile and beneficial to you.  

Find temporary work: 

Ask family and friends if they have any odd jobs they need done around the house, look for babysitting gigs, tutor students after school, or provide music lessons. Whatever your talents or skills, try to use them to help you gain part-time or temporary work while you look for something full-time in your field.  Having some temp work will help you to earn some income and take a little of the pressure off from immediately finding a job. 

Take a related course: 

It’s always good to update or improve your knowledge on certain areas or skills you need in your field.  Try taking a related course to brush up on your knowledge or learn a new component of the industry.  This can help you become better-rounded in your career and prepare you for when you do land a job in the field. 

Take up a hobby—for fun!  

Whatever it is you love to do, be it sports, dance, theatre, crafts, etc. take some time to do things that you like doing.  Job searching and especially being unemployed can be tiring and disappointing, so it’s important to focus on some things that you enjoy doing and take your mind off the stress of being without work. 

Whatever you choose to do with the extra time you have if you’re unemployed, taking up an activity whether work-related or just for pleasure will help you to stay motivated and positive during your job search! 

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