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Time for A Career Change

gift.jpgDo you know a friend, family member or someone who is in desperate need of a career change, a new job or challenge? Of course you do. I bet you've also sat and listened to them tell you about how much they hate their boss, hate their job or hate the fact that they are unemployed and need a new job. If you know someone who fits this description, then inspire them with a RedStarResume Gift Voucher

RedStarResume has Resume Writing Gift Vouchers to suit every type of job seeker. From the graduate level to the executive, a professionally written resume can literally help to change a person’s life. The job search begins with a brand new resume, and a professionally written resume will not only give the job seeker more confidence, but it will also ensure that their resume stands out against the competition.

What will a professionally resume service do for me?

Highlight Your Achievements:

Typically the number one mistake I see on resumes is the failure to list achievements. From a hiring manager’s perspective, what you do on a daily basis is expected.  Your responsibilities are expected to be listed in the resume, but it is your achievements and value added skills that will stand you out from every other candidate applying for the same job. My tip is to introduce an “Achievement” section on the resume (on page 1 so the hiring manager can read it within the first 10-15 seconds) that highlights your past successes and portrays the value added skills that you can bring to your next job.

Implement Strategic Words:

Your resume is a marketing tool and needs to be written strategically in order to impress the reader. Hiring managers and job recruiters often skim through resumes looking for certain words or skills. You need to ensure that these words are highlighted in your resume and that they can easily be found. If you're applying for a business development role, for example, it goes without saying that the words “business development” need to be highlighted. If you are an IT programmer applying for a job that requires knowledge of SQL, you need to highlight your SQL experience within your resume. Ensure that this is highlighted on page 1 of the resume as opposed to burying it on the final page of your resume.  

Design, Presentation and Flow:

A skilled resume writer will have expertise on how to structure your resume so that it gains the most impact. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to resume writing. At RedStarResume, every resume is written from a blank sheet of paper and is strategically written to target the types of roles you will be applying for. 

Knowledge of how to write a resume for Automated Recruiting Software:

Automated Recruiting Software is often used by large organisations and recruitment firms as the first stage of the application process. Writing a resume to pass these software programs is a skill in itself! Many of these software programs are unable to read fancy fonts, tables, graphics etc. Because of this, many resumes get deleted before they even have a chance to be viewed by a human. Ensure that your resume gets in the hands of the hiring manager and give yourself the greatest opportunity of finding that new job.

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