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Work in Australia


Do you want to work in Australia?


Before you can apply for jobs in Australia you MUST have an Australian resume written for the Australian job market 

Did you know that Australia has some of the strictest rules when it comes to resume writing

Without an Australian resume written for the Australian job market you will NOT have the success you are looking for

Watch your luck change when you apply for jobs in Australia with a high-impact resume that is designed specifically for finding job sponsorship in Australia!

Read on and find out how an Australian resume can help change your life!

Custom Resume Writing 24/7

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Do you need help with your resume writing?

Is your resume written with perfectly spelt English and Grammar?

RedStarResume is the specialist resume writing company for:

Students, Graduates and Professionals who need a professionally written resume.


Hiring managers will typically pick the top 5-10% of the best resumes to interview

Your resume needs to be structured and formatted correctly, but also easy to read and pleasing to the eye.

A large reason candidates finds their applications continually rejected has nothing to do with their skills or experience (or even with the lack of skills or experience) – it is because their resumes are just not good enough to get them an interview.

Remember: Your resume is a marketing tool,

A good resume = interviews and job opportunity

A bad resume = no interviews/no job / STRESS!



 96% of our clients receive interview requests within 10 days of posting their resumes.



Job seekers who use professional resume writers are twice as likely to receive interview requests!

And the more interviews you get, the faster you’ll find that new job. RedStarResume do not use contract writers, trainees, or template software of any kind. Every resume is targeted specifically for you

Our resume writers are so confident in what we do that we GUARANTEE you will get job interviews from your new resume.

A professionally written resume will make you stand out from the crowd. You will have recruiters, head-hunters, and managers calling you to come work for them.

Recent studies show that the average time spent looking for a new job is 12-16 weeks!

Compare the cost of our writing service to the cost of not having a job. Plus, we do everything for you! Buy now and take charge of your new career! 

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Order today and receive immediate confirmation. We are waiting to hear from you and ready to write you a brand new resume!

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