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Writing A Specialised Marketing Resume

success_arrow.jpgWith competition for marketing jobs in such demand, writing an effective marketing resume and cover letter is essential for the marketing graduate. No longer is it good enough to use an old generic resume template and fill in your job experience, your education and a few clichéd bits of information that will add no value to your application. In a recent report, it is suggested that a hiring manager will spend no more than 15-20 seconds before deciding to either read on or delete the resume.  With the potential for a hiring manager to receive in excess of 500 resumes per job application, employers are more interested in eliminating the wrong candidates before they begin their pursuit of finding the perfect candidate. 

When it comes to resume writing first impressions count! Your resume is a marketing document – it’s your marketing tool to sell yourself. No matter how good your grades or how terrific your skills, if you are unable to successfully market yourself, it is unlikely that you will get the job.

Marketing Keywords:

A well written marketing resume will include the use of strategic keywords. Many times recruiters or hiring managers will often skim over the resume looking for keywords or use software programs to find key words.  These key words can be changed depending on the job you are applying for. A keyword rich resume will help highlight your resume and cover letter.

Demonstrate Flexibility, Adaptability and Innovation:

You don’t need to have the best grades to get the job. In my experience employers want to hire graduates who can demonstrate flexibility, adaptability and innovation as well as a passion for wanting to gain knowledge and experience. Think about extra-curricular activities, work experience, community service or volunteer work that you have performed and exhibited skills of flexibility, adaptability and innovation. Remember that an employer wants to know that you are going to bring value to the organisation. Marketing duties change constantly and you need to be able to demonstrate that you are a forward-thinking self-starter with vision and desire to implement innovative solutions to any problem that may arise.

Focus on Achievements:

Does your resume show off all the wonderful skills and talents that you have to offer? If you were the hiring manager would you want to employ yourself? If the answer is no, it’s time to have a serious think about rewriting your resume. If you wouldn’t hire yourself then why would a hiring manager hire you? Turn your resume from a boring resume into an achievement based resume focusing on highlighting achievement based examples. From a hiring manager's perspective, would you rather read “strong communication skills” or read this statement backed up by an example. “Strong communication skills capable of projecting a strong, credible, articulate and engaging personal presence with experience in producing and creating PowerPoint presentations”

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