Affiliate Program

Join the RedStarResume Affiliate Program and Start Earning up to 30% Commission Today!

How it Works:

RedStarResume’s referral program simply rewards you for referring your clients to our services. As a partner, you will promote resume writing services to your clients. (We can provide you with banners, marketing materials, logos, content etc.) RedStarResume will manage the entire process and will pay your organisation a commission on all purchases. – The more referrals you make the higher your commission payments will be. With a dedicated affiliate program manager we provide real time tracking and reporting and pay out commissions on a monthly basis. We also provide a large variety of marketing banners of all sizes to assist you in making commissions. Start earning thousands of dollars each month by signing up to the RedStarResume affiliate program today!

Commission Structure:

RSR Monthly Sales ($AUD) Incremental commission rate
$0 – $4000 17.5%
$4000 – $10,000 22.5%
$10,000 and above 30%

Additional Benefits:

    • No fees! – Our affiliate program is free to join. Once you sign up, your full commissions are yours to keep.
    • Easy-to-track sales and commissions – Login to our affiliate site for up-to-date reports on your sales and commission.
    • Receive instant notification each time commission earned