We are in unprecedented times of career and lifestyle change. Our careers now require more flexiblity to meet the increasing restructure of organisations and the differing needs of our own lifestyles. The average length of time in employment is reducing. People are now looking to change their careers every 3-7 years and change employers within 18 months to 3 years. The percentage of the population over the age of 50 is increasing, so too are the number of displaced workers. The way in which we are employed has also started to change. There is more of an emphasis on contract work, outsourcing, temporary employment, telecommuting and virtual organisations, to name just a few.

At RedStarResume, our Career Coaching programs support current and future trends for the next move of any individual. From starting, changing & re-designing a career to prospering after redundancy, and even retiring, our career partner coaches has expertise in all of these areas.

Through our career partners with have coaching services in Melbourne and Sydney, or via Skype in other regions.

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Program Outcomes:

Find out what you really want and have a vision of your future. Gain a logical framework for making work and life decisions. Gain confidence and clarity about your career moves. Explore new possibilities and make empowered decisions you feel are ‘right’ for you. Be able to act with focus, motivation and effectiveness.

At a Glance

Assess your skills, interests, values and personality. See which careers/roles suit you. Understand what motivates you, how you make decisions and handle change. Explore and evaluate your career options. Make the ‘right’ career decision. Resolve fears, limiting beliefs and lack of confidence. Obtain tools to set and achieve your career goals.

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In addition to our Career Coaching we also specialise in the following: