Code of Ethics

Professional Resume Writing: Code of Ethics

All RedStarResume writers must agree to abide by the Code of Ethics. This Code affirms the professional standards expected of its writers and members in relation to resume writing services.


This Code is intended to fulfil the following functions:

  • Define standards of conduct expected of RedStarResume writers in their dealings with clients
  • Provide clients with a clear statement of the standards which they can expect from their personal resume writer
  • Promote confidence and community trust in the services provided by members of RedStarResume

The Code of Ethics:

  • Writers are required to act with integrity in all dealings with clients (past, present and future), and other organisations
  • RedStarResume will ensure the highest possible standards in the selection of staff and the planning and delivery of services. They will ensure that all their staff are suitably qualified and have all necessary relevant industry experience and knowledge to deliver superior results to their customers
  • RedStarResume members will remain up-to-date with job trends, employment changes and laws related to the job search which can impact on the client
  • Comply with all legal obligations in providing professional resume writing services
  • Uphold the standards of the resume writing industry
  • Writers will respect the confidentiality and privacy of their clients. Writers understand that clients and prospective clients may provide them with information to undertake specific services. This information will not be used or disclosed except with the written or verbal consent of the client
  • Writers will not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct in the provision of services. RedStarResume will deliver to our clients what was promised as per the terms and conditions and be truthful in guiding our clients at all times
  • Writers will conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner in relation to clients so as to comply with the highest standards of moral behaviour and integrity and to uphold the dignity and status of my profession under all circumstances
  • Provide services within the scope and the limits of training and education. RedStarResume writers will not advertise or sell services for which they have not had adequate training and shall represent their education, training, qualifications and abilities honestly
  • Writers will conduct their affairs in such a way as to ensure the best interests of fellow writers of RedStarResume are maintained
  • Writers will share professional knowledge, research, and experiences with fellow RedStarResume members to support the advancement of resume writing
  • Writers will provide effective complaint resolution to deal with client problems or dissatisfaction
  • If a writer is found to have violated the By-laws of the RedStarResume Code of Ethics they will voluntarily surrender and return membership certificate to RedStarResume
  • A Review of the Code of Conduct will be undertaken annually, sent to all writers for signing