The toughest challenges facing college graduates in 2014

The toughest challenges facing college graduates in 2014

Competition (too few jobs and too many graduates) Here is the scenario… You have graduated college with a good looking degree; you feel on top of the world and ready to pick and choose your dream job. The reality however is that your one of a many in the same boat. While you feel as […]

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RedStarResume is looking to grow our team of freelance resume writers. If you are seeking additional income or work assignments we would be interested in speaking with you. As a freelance resume writer, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere. You set your own hours and schedule and take as few or as many […]

3 Delicate Job Interview Questions And Answers

3 Delicate Job Interview Questions And Answers

1) What would your manager say is the area you most need development in? This question is another attempt at learning more about your weaknesses. We all have areas we could improve on, but in order to ace your interview, you’ll have to be strategic in how you answer this question. Do not name a […]

5 Workplace Job Interview Questions And Answers

5 Workplace Job Interview Questions And Answers

1) How do you motivate others to do their best work? The hiring manager may have asked you what motivates you in the workplace, but now they want to know if, and how you motivate your colleagues to perform their best work. Typically goal-oriented and results-driven professionals who have a positive attitude will also motivate […]

4 Simple Steps For Preparing For The First Day On The Job

Congratulations! You wrote the perfect resume, you nailed the job interview and today is your first day of work. Starting a new job is not only exciting but can also be nerve-wracking. So many questions going through your mind and nervous energy building up inside you. Before you leave home, there are 5 simple things […]

RedStarResume launch 6 new Country Specific Resume Writing Websites

Press Release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RedStarResume are the leaders in the creation of “Achievement Based” Resume Writing RedStarResume have launched 6 new country specific websites to further assist job seekers from across the world find success. Recognized as a premier international resume writing company and a trusted and respected name in the online resume writing […]

You Got The Interview! Now Prepare For The Interview Questions

Congratulations on securing your job interview! Now it’s time to begin preparing for that scary job interview. At RedStarResume we have created a brand new job interview eBook to help you find success. The “Top 100 Job Interview Questions & Answers” has been written by our team of experts to help you answer any tricky […]

Job Interview Question – How do you deal with stressful situations?

How do you deal with stressful situations is a fantastic interview question and one that is used by hiring managers in all industries throughout the world. While this question is similar to ‘do you work well under pressure’, here hiring managers want to know what you do to actually cope with stress in your daily life. You’ll […]

3 Commonly Asked Interview Questions & Answers

Hiring managers love to see how you handle tough job interview questions under pressure. They also want to gain a better understanding of your ability to manage conflict and challenges in the workplace: 1) Explain a challenge you faced in the workplace & how you solved it. This is a pretty open-ended question during the […]

Job Interview Questions and Answers

After you have constructed the perfect resume and applied for your dream job you will hopefully receive a call inviting you for the job interview. This is when things begin to get scary! However by having an understanding of the types of interview questions you may be asked will ensure that you give yourself the […]