RedStarResume launch 6 new Country Specific Resume Writing Websites

Content_Writing_As_A_CareerPress Release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

RedStarResume are the leaders in the creation of “Achievement Based” Resume Writing

RedStarResume have launched 6 new country specific websites to further assist job seekers from across the world find success. Recognized as a premier international resume writing company and a trusted and respected name in the online resume writing industry, the team at RedStarResume have expanded from a small team focusing on a few industries to a large team of specialist writers catering towards 35+ different industries.

So what makes RedStarResume such a force in the industry? Gavin Redelman, founder and managing director of RedStarResume says it’s all about creating a specialist team that is dedicated to assisting their clients find jobs. “Our team of international writers are made up of career experts with backgrounds in Human Resources, Recruitment, Headhunting, Hiring and Career Consulting. In today’s competitive job market it is more important than ever to know exactly what hiring managers want to see in a candidate’s resume.”

The RedStarResume new country specific websites have been created to better match customers to expert resume writers who cater towards their specific job market. “Different countries have different rules and requirements when it comes to resume presentation, length, format and structure” says Redelman. “At RedStarResume we ensure that our clients resumes are 100% correctly written towards the right job market and focuses on promoting the clients’ value added skills to stand them out from their competition”.

No matter where in the world you are located, if you need a professionally written resume, contact the team at RedStarResume.

Country Specific Resume Writing Websites:



Australia / NZ:



UK / Europe



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