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Australia flag mapTravelling and working overseas can be one of the greatest life changing experiences you will ever do. In fact, many people who travel overseas for work often end up living in that country for the rest of their lives. However, preparing to move overseas is not easy. No matter what country you are from, if you are planning to move to Australia you need to ensure that you have prepared yourself properly in order to find success.

No matter if you require Migration help (Sponsorship or visas), Australian Resume Writing, Resume Distribution, Job Search Assistance even information about opening Bank Accounts, Smart Salary Packaging and where to live once you arrive in your new country, the team at RedStarResume can help! We have contacts throughout Australia who specialise in every aspect of helping skilled migrant workers transition into their new country.

We can put you in touch with experts who can assist you in achieving your goals.

Find a Job In Australia:

The Australian job market is unique so let the experts at RedStarResume help you with any of your questions you may have about moving to Australia.

We don’t only write skilled Australian resumes but we help our clients find jobs.

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Australian Resume Writing:


Everyone needs a well prepared resume that meets the employment criteria’s of their desired country

Are you seeking a highly skilled work visa? The most important part of the highly skilled visa application is being able to highlight your skills and achievements and back these up with evidence.

In the normal course of a work visa application your resume will be reviewed by a wide range of authorities and decision makers, some being:

Specific skill assessing authority
Department of Immigration
Your future employer who will be reading your resume

Australia has different rules and requirements when it comes to resume presentation (including resume length, format and structure), and RedStarResume will ensure that your resume is 100% correctly written towards the Australian job market to give you the edge over your competition.

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