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Just how important is your CV to finding a new job? The answer to this question is simple. Without an effective CV that highlights your skills, achievements and past experiences, the chances of your job application being selected are greatly reduced. It is frequently stated that the average time a hiring manager will spend when initially reading your CV is no more than 20 seconds. If your CV doesn’t create that great first impression straight away, it will be deleted.

3 Tips to make your CV stand out from the crowd:

1) Differentiate yourself from the competition through value-added achievements:

In today’s society with such great demand for jobs, you need to be able to differentiate yourself from potentially hundreds of other job candidates who are all vying for the same positions. The best way to do this is through achievement statements and quantifiable examples that demonstrate how you can add value. Too many job seekers focus on listing as many duties and responsibilities throughout their CVs. While this is important to show, it is your achievements that will make you stand out. Keyword Selection:

2) Keyword Selection:

Writing the perfect CV has become even harder because of the introduction of Automated Recruiting Software. This is now frequently used to perform the first stage of the hiring process or is used by recruiters to find candidates who have certain skills. To counter these software programs, include strategic keywords throughout your CV to ensure that your application makes it through to the next round.

3) Target your CV to match the job application:

When a hiring manager reads your professional CV he or she will want to know that you are able to complete the job that you have applied for. Remember that your CV is a marketing tool, so ensure that you market yourself correctly. If the job requires excellent leadership skills for example, make sure you provide examples of your past leadership experience.

When it comes to writing your CV, my philosophy is simple. Focus on highlighting information that adds value to your job application. If what you’re including doesn’t add value, it doesn’t need to be there.

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