Job Interview Questions

Job Interview Questions

Example Job Interview Questions:

Interview questions are typically divided into three main categories: Traditional interview questions, Behavioural Questions (competency-based interview) and Situational questions (hypothetical questions).

Let’s learn how to become a master in answering all three types of questions:

Traditional Job Interview Questions:

What are general interview questions?

Best to prepare answers to these types of questions, but do not try to memorize exact answers word for word. It will sound scripted and will be easily picked up. What you need to do is have your answers planned, but be ready to adapt or change your answers depending on how well the interview is going.

There are literally thousands of “general interview questions”. We have selected the 15 most frequently asked questions and have given you examples of how best to answer these questions.

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Behaviour Job Interview Questions

Situational Job Interview Questions:

Sample Situational Interview Questions and Answers:

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