Rate My Resume

How good is your current resume or CV?

The first stage you need to go through in order to secure a new job is resume selection. Without a powerful resume that has been properly formatted, presented and written to effectively target your key skills and achievements, your job search may take a lot longer than you first anticipated.

Remember your resume is a marketing document, a compelling reason to interview you.

Find below 15 resume questions: Let’s find out where your resume rates:

  • Does your resume flow, enabling a reader to easily understand your career history?
  • Have you provided achievements throughout your resume?
  • Are your achievements backed up with evidence?
  • Have you included your Key Skills?
  • Is your resume written in chronological order – complete with dates, job titles, job positions etc?
  • Is your resume targeted toward the job you are applying for?
  • Is your resume the right length? (Or is it too short or too long?)
  • Have you matched your skills and achievements to the job you are applying for?
  • Have you used Keywords?
  • If a hiring manager was to read your resume would they be inspired to want to interview you?
  • Is your resume correctly structured and formatted?
  • Is your current resume visually appealing?
  • Do you believe that your current resume will stand out from the competition and give you the greatest opportunity of getting the job?
  • Does your cover letter introduce and compliment your resume?
  • If you apply for an online job that typically can attract between 100-300 applications, will your resume be in the top 10%?

Give yourself a point for every time you answered “yes”. Did you receive a score above 12?

Give yourself a point for every time you answered “yes”. Did you receive a score above 12?

A score of 12 or above will put your resume in the top 20%, and gives you a good chance of finding employment. But don’t forget that typically your resume needs to be better than just the top 20% – it needs to be in the top 10%.

Don’t let yourself down in the job search by having a resume that is not good enough to get you a job. If you feel that your resume does not tick all the right boxes, contact one of the expert resume writers at RedStarResume and let us help you make your resume shine.

The journey to finding your dream job starts with a brand new professional resume

A RedStarResume Package includes the following:

  • Customized resume or cover letter written by our team of professional writers
  • Second review by our marketing department to ensure the resume/cover letter is marketed toward the right industry
  • Electronic copy of resume/cover letter in both a word document and PDF format
  • Opportunity to save when you combine your resume with a cover letter

What we do to make your resume STAND OUT

  • Strategically written resume and or cover letter designed to target hiring managers and recruiters
  • Highlight and market your key achievements, skills, qualifications and experience
  • RedStarResume Design Strategy (Updated 2011) Our professional resume layout and design presentation has been highly praised by recruiters, hiring managers and career experts
  • “Targeted Keywords” used to catch a reader’s eye. Our keyword strategy will guarantee that your resume will be picked up by job software programs
  • Keyword Rich Resume – Strategic selection of keywords and phrases designed to highlight your resume and make you stand out over your competition
  • Correct formatting and layout to ensure your resume is readable by computer software
  • Our 100% Guarantee plus unlimited revisions