Resume, Interview & Career Secrets Exposed - Trilogy

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What You Will Find In These eBooks:

 Interview Secrets Exposed:


Everything you need to know to nail the job interview
Example Questions & Answers
What is an Interview
Preparing for the Interview
Interview Questions & Answers
Ice Breaker Questions
Open Ended and Closed Ended Questions
General “Standard” Interview Questions
Behavioural Questions & Answers
Situational Questions & Answers
Asking the interviewer questions
Dressing for the Interview
Job Interview Blunders
How to Answer Illegal Interview Questions
Plus Bonus Material: How to nail the Telephone Interview & Following up after the Interview

Career Secrets Exposed:

career-secret-expose-book-lSucceeding in the work place
Managing your career
How To Make A Career Change
Surviving the 9-5
Job seeking tips
The Process Of Career Management
The importance of making a good first impression
Surviving the Job Search
Student & Graduate advice to starting your career
Resume writing tips from the Pros
Highlighting skills and achievements
Building A Strong Relationship With Your Boss
Increase Your Salary And Make More Money
Tips On How To Get That Pay Raise You Deserve
What To Do When You Hate Your Job
Switching Up Your Job Seeking Tactics
Positive Body Language Can Help Your Career
Building Your Network
Resume Writing Tips
The Resume Investment

Resume Secrets Exposed:

resume-secret-expose-book-lThe Aim of the Resume
Is Your Resume Preventing You From Getting a New Job?
Resume Writing Questions to Ask a Professional Resume Writer
Creating the First Impression
What Does Your Professional Resume Say About You?
Making Your Resume Stand Out
10 Seconds for Your Resume to Shine
Listing Achievements on Your Resume
Is Your Resume in the Top 5%
Resume Tips from the Expert
Top 100 Most Powerful Resume Words
Resume Mistakes
Is Your Resume Too Long?
Education Vs. Work Experience on a Resume: What Comes First?
Secret Cover Letter Tips
Your Cover Letter is Just as Important as Your Resume