The Ultimate Student & Graduate Job Handbook

JOBThe Ultimate Student & Graduate Job Handbook is designed for the current college student or recent graduate about to enter the workforce. We understand how daunting this time can be and the pressure associated with finding the right job. Competition for graduate employment is getting tougher each year and the application process is making it harder for a college graduate to get a foot in the door. In fact, major studies from the US, Australia and the UK suggest that graduates now face extremely tougher job markets and economic forecasts than graduates from the previous decade.

The aim of this eBook is to help you with the transitional period from college student to job seeker. We look at the many major issues that college students will go through, and we seek to provide answers based on our experiences. In this eBook you will find information on job searching tips, resume writing advice, using college resources to your advantage, the power of networking and using social media to your advantage.

Once college is finished, real life begins – make sure that you are one step ahead of your competition!

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What you will find in this eBook:

University Is Finishing – Now What?
Breaking Into A Career
Job Interview Tips
Acing The Dreaded Job Interview
The Elevator Speech Marketing Tool
Finding The Right Job
Skills You've Learned In College
Networking As A College Student
How Important Are Internships?
Higher Education Vs Job Seeking
Using College Resources To Your Advantage
Best Kept Secret On College Campuses
Managing Your Career
Making A Great First Impressions
Graduate Resume Writing
Creating A Keyword Rich LinkedIn Profile
Cover Letter Writing
Facebook And Your Job Application