Time To Find A New Job


Are you currently seeking a new job?

Not sure where to begin and daunted with the prospect of the job search?

At RedStarResume our band new eBook “Time To Find A New Job” has been written to provide you with proven advice, tips and strategies to help you through the job process.

Our team of resume writers and career experts have first-hand knowledge with helping our clients find new jobs. No longer is it good enough to scribble together a resume and show up to the job interview and expect to get the job. In this competitive job environment, hiring managers are now receiving a greater number of job applications than ever before, and with the growth of social networking sites such as LinkedIn they are able to scrutinize job seekers far greater than previously possible.

Job searching is a full time job! It all begins with preparing a job search plan. Finding a new job won’t happen overnight, but the more you prepare and understand what's required, the greater your chances of finding success.

Let this eBook help prepare you to find a new job!

What you will find in this eBook:

Resume Writing & Cover Letter Writing Strategies
Misconceptions About Resume Writing
Replacing Responsibilities with Achievement Statements
Cover Letter Mistakes
Creating that Professional Image Through your Social Networks
Preparing Yourself for the Job Search
Using LinkedIn to find a New Job
Using Strategic Keywords within your Professional Resume and Social Networks
The Importance of Networking
Job Interview Questions & Answers
Creating A Job Search Plan
Avoid Being Red Flagged as a Job Hopper
Job Search Strategies
Best Questions To Ask In An Interview
Job Interview Mistake
How To Use Skype For A Successful Job Interview