10 Reasons Why You May Still Be Unemployed

Time To Find A New JobYour resume is flat:

Your resume is typically the first thing employers see so if you’re not getting any interviews you might want to take a look at your resume. If your resume fails to effectively highlight your skills and achievements you won’t make it past the stack of applications.

Your interview skills are lacking:

If you’re not dressing properly for the interview, chewing gum, answering your phone or arguing during the interview you won’t be getting called back.

You aren’t networking:

When unemployment is high, networking only becomes more crucial to finding a job. The more you can network, the better your chances of finding a position.

You don’t look professional:

If you’re not dressing professionally for interviews, have lots of piercings or tattoos or don’t have a neatly shaved beard, your look may be keeping you from landing the job.

You don’t meet the qualifications:

If you don’t have over 50% of the qualifications listed on the job advertisement, you’re wasting your time. Don’t send out resumes to every job posting you find. Focus on preparing quality responses for fewer positions to improve the outcome.

You’re overqualified:

If you’re a mid-level professional applying for entry level, minimum wage positions many employers will red flag you. Employers don’t want to deal with high turnover rates so if you’re highly overqualified they assume you’ll leave at the first opportunity you get.

You have an attitude:

There aren’t many employers who will hire you with a bad attitude. Complaining about the job responsibilities or appearing to have a chip on your shoulder and difficult to work with is an instant interview killer.

You’re not following directions:

If a job posting asks for a resume, cover letter and reference list, you better give them all three. Failing to follow all the directions listed on a job posting will almost always automatically eliminate you from consideration.

You’re not doing your research:

If you make it to the interview but fail to do any research on the company, you’re drastically cutting down your chances. As tough as job searching and interviewing at multiple companies is, employers want to hire candidates who are serious about working for them. That means actually knowing about their history, products and services if you want to land the position.

You’re not communicating properly:

If you’re talking too much or too little in an interview you may be killing your chances. It’s just as frustrating for employers to have to dig for information if you give short answers as it is to try and cut you off if you won’t stop talking and start going off-topic.

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