The Perfect Gift For Any Job Seeker

Do you know someone who is unemployed and desperately attempting to rejoin the job force? Are they applying day after day to different jobs and not having the success they require? With the current state of the economy, this theme is common and many skilled professionals find themselves unable to secure the interview that will give them the chance of actually getting the job. If you know someone in this situation (and let’s be honest we all do), give them the perfect present – a brand new resume.

There is nothing worse than job seeking and being told repeatedly by everyone to “stay positive” and that “your new job is right around the corner”. Let me tell you some news that you’re probably not going to like – if you’ve been out of work and your current resume is not getting you interviews, then it might be time to begin looking at alternatives and preparing a new strategy. If your current resume hasn’t been working, there’s no reason to think that it will magically begin to work.

What will a professional resume actually do?

The resume has only one aim, and that is to get you to the interview. If it lacks this, the resume is worthless. Many people feel that in order for their resume to shine and stand out, they need to use fancy fonts and dazzle the hiring manager into giving them an interview. Another common mistake is turning the resume into a life story. Unfortunately, there is no exact science when it comes to resume writing, but there are, however, many best practices that if implemented correctly will increase your chance of finding success. A professional resume writer is familiar with these strategies and will implement these on your resume.

How will the professional resume differ to my original resume?

Professional resume writers have written hundreds of resumes and know the best formats, layouts and strategies for resume writing. Most, if not all, have experience within recruitment or HR and are therefore familiar with what hiring managers look for. Better yet, professional resume writers bring objectivity to the table.

When people write their own resumes, they tend to be a bit vague on certain points because they’re not used to looking at it from an outsider’s perspective. They fail to elaborate on certain duties they performed or achievements they earned because they forget that the reader knows nothing about them aside from what they’re reading on a piece of paper. The resume writer alleviates this mistake because their job is to describe your skills and experience on paper in a way that can translate to anyone.

At the end of the day, there is always a way to improve on your chances at getting called for an interview. If you know someone who’s not finding success, consider offering them the services of a professional resume writer who can help give them an edge on the competition.

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Resume Gift Voucher!

Resume Gift Voucher

Some presents are just more meaningful than others. RedStarResume offer resume gift voucher packages that are not only thoughtful, but are ones that will positively impact someone’s career path. A professionally written resume & cover letter is the perfect gift for any student, recent graduate or potential job seeker.

RedStarResume are industry leaders in writing resumes and cover letters, and we have helped thousands of job seekers with staying one step ahead of their competition. If you know someone who can benefit from professional resume help, the RedStarResume gift voucher is the perfect gift!

What are BENEFITS to a RedStarResume gift voucher?                       


  • The perfect gift for any job seeker or recent graduate
  • Written from the recruiter’s point of view 
  • Direct knowledge & experience with the methods for writing the most effective resumes
  • One year expiry date
  • 2 -4 days turnaround time (under 24 hr option available)


How does it work?

  • Easy 3 step process
  • Choose the appropriate voucher
  • Fill in your details
  • A personalized voucher will be emailed to you. This can either be forwarded to your intended recipient or printed off to be presented as a gift


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