Resume Secrets Exposed

img3Welcome to Resume Secrets Exposed. This eBook has been written to provide you with as many tips and secrets to writing the perfect resume.

Resume writing is an art form and in order to find a new job you must first be able to write a compelling resume that will stand you out from the competition. While there is no exact science to writing the perfect resume, this eBook will provide you with as much information on what to include in the resume as well as avoiding the major resume mistakes that commonly lead to having your resume deleted.

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Resume Secrets Exposed is the second book in the trilogy which also includes “Interview Secrets Exposed” (how to ace the job interview) and the highly successful "Career Secrets Exposed" Everything you need to know in order to manage your career.

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What you will find in this eBook:

  • The Aim of the Resume
  • Is Your Resume Preventing You From Getting a New Job?
  • Resume Writing Questions to Ask a Professional Resume Writer
  • Creating the First Impression
  • Targeting the Resume
  • What Does Your Professional Resume Say About You?
  • One Size Does Not Fit All
  • Making Your Resume Stand Out
  • 10 Seconds for Your Resume to Shine
  • Listing Achievements on Your Resume
  • Is Your Resume in the Top 5%
  • Resume Tips from the Expert
  • Top 100 Most Powerful Resume Words
  • Resume Mistakes
  • Spelling and Grammar Mistakes
  • Is Your Resume Too Long?
  • Education Vs. Work Experience on a Resume: What Comes First?
  • Advantages to Preparing a Targeted Cover Letter
  • Secret Cover Letter Tips
  • Your Cover Letter is Just as Important as Your Resume