How to find an Australian Recruiter

Are you currently seeking a new job but don’t know where to start? A good idea is to prepare a list of Australian recruiters who specialise in your area of expertise and begin to develop relationships with individual recruiters. A common mistake job seekers make is signing up to every agency in town and expecting to sit back and wait for the interviews to start rolling in. Unfortunately, this is not how things work. Before you waste the recruiter’s time, (and more importantly your time), spend a few hours researching the recruitment company and what they can do for you. If your objective is to secure a new job in a large firm there is no point in meeting with recruiters who can only work with smaller boutique companies. Alternatively if you wish to work at a smaller company you need to focus your search on a finding an Australian recruiter who can help you in this area.

Can An Australian Recruiter really help me find a job in the Australian job market?

The simple answer is yes! Australian recruiters have an in depth knowledge of the Australian job market and often have key contacts within organisations. What’s more, they also have knowledge of current market salary expectations and often intimate knowledge of what certain employers are looking for in the “ideal” candidate. However, don’t forget that a recruitment agent relies upon placing candidates in jobs to receive their commission. There can often be a conflict between what is best for the job seeker and what is best for the recruiter.

Develop a relationship with your recruiters:

As per any relationship, building a close connection is a two way process. If you think that sending your resume to a recruiter is enough to get you noticed you are wrong. Recruiters can receive hundreds of resumes on a daily basis. In most cases recruiters have many different jobs on the go at one time and don’t have time to read through every resume with a fine-tooth comb. Although you may be a fantastic job candidate with experience, skills and qualifications it means nothing if the right person is not reading your resume.

A professional candidate needs a professional resume:

Reports indicate that a recruiter will spend less than 30 seconds first reading through your resume. With this very limited amount of time you need to ensure that your professional resume is error free, modern, formatted correctly and most importantly highlights your skills and achievements. First impressions are key to job seeking and the first impression a recruiter will make about a job candidate is through their resume.

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The journey to finding your dream job starts with a brand new resume


The Perfect Gift For Any Job Seeker

Do you know someone who is unemployed and desperately attempting to rejoin the job force? Are they applying day after day to different jobs and not having the success they require? With the current state of the economy, this theme is common and many skilled professionals find themselves unable to secure the interview that will give them the chance of actually getting the job. If you know someone in this situation (and let’s be honest we all do), give them the perfect present – a brand new resume.

There is nothing worse than job seeking and being told repeatedly by everyone to “stay positive” and that “your new job is right around the corner”. Let me tell you some news that you’re probably not going to like – if you’ve been out of work and your current resume is not getting you interviews, then it might be time to begin looking at alternatives and preparing a new strategy. If your current resume hasn’t been working, there’s no reason to think that it will magically begin to work.

What will a professional resume actually do?

The resume has only one aim, and that is to get you to the interview. If it lacks this, the resume is worthless. Many people feel that in order for their resume to shine and stand out, they need to use fancy fonts and dazzle the hiring manager into giving them an interview. Another common mistake is turning the resume into a life story. Unfortunately, there is no exact science when it comes to resume writing, but there are, however, many best practices that if implemented correctly will increase your chance of finding success. A professional resume writer is familiar with these strategies and will implement these on your resume.

How will the professional resume differ to my original resume?

Professional resume writers have written hundreds of resumes and know the best formats, layouts and strategies for resume writing. Most, if not all, have experience within recruitment or HR and are therefore familiar with what hiring managers look for. Better yet, professional resume writers bring objectivity to the table.

When people write their own resumes, they tend to be a bit vague on certain points because they’re not used to looking at it from an outsider’s perspective. They fail to elaborate on certain duties they performed or achievements they earned because they forget that the reader knows nothing about them aside from what they’re reading on a piece of paper. The resume writer alleviates this mistake because their job is to describe your skills and experience on paper in a way that can translate to anyone.

At the end of the day, there is always a way to improve on your chances at getting called for an interview. If you know someone who’s not finding success, consider offering them the services of a professional resume writer who can help give them an edge on the competition.

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